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Live Streaming, Virtual Events,
Web Streaming
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ByteGraph provides multicamera, high definition, live video production and live webinar streaming and recording services.

Webinars, board meetings, corporate meetings, town hall sessions, conferences and memorial services can all be streamed and recorded in HD using our
state-of-the-art video and audio systems. Our staff has decades of combined experience switching live productions.

With our multicamera approach, we create tight shots of the meeting participants as they speak, enabling everyone attending the webinar to see the
speakers clearly. This enhances communication, and helps lend credibility to the entire production.

With multiple cameras, we cover your event much more efficiently and professionally than any one camera could possibly accomplish. In addition,
our system can add graphics and full-screen PowerPoint or other computer content, all integrated with the cameras in a professional, moving production.

Also we can stream to multiple platforms including youtube, facebook, twitter and many other social media websites.

Our live event production services are used all across the United States.  We can help you with:
Festivals & Concerts, Corporate Events, 5K Runs, Political Rallies, Trade Shows, Live Television Broadcast, Press Conferences, Theatrical Productions, Meetings, and other Live Special Events.

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