Exceptional audio for your event is a critical element – one which may make the difference between success and failure.

Working with an experienced team will establish the right tone for a memorable function. ByteGraph Productions has decades of experience in audio management, and offers turnkey service for noteworthy event sound.

PA systems 

Bigger systems for indoor and outdoor like  D&B, JBL, db PA Systems are available from our inventory. All brands of stage Monitors and wedges are available with us. Dual subs for outdoor and Indoor ae available. 

Digital Consoles

Soundcraft all series boards starting from VI 5000, VI 3000, SI Performermer and SI Impact. Avid series S6L ,Avid Profile, Stage Boxes, Yamaha CL5 with dante

Break Out Rooms

Breakout sessions are instrumental to the flow of your overall meeting and the conveyance of crucial information that will affect your company long-term. They should appeal to your audience and revolve around the theme of your event. We work with you to make those visions & desires a reality.

Wireless Comms

HME headsets deliver crystal-clear, two-way communications in a compact, portable base station for up to 15 simultaneous wireless users. Hands-free mode allows maximum flexibility and a secure channel ensures that private conversations stay private.


Large selection of wired and wireless and specialty microphone rentals. ULXD QLXD  Axient, LAVS, Countrymen,  Lapels BAND Kits. 

IEM – In Ear Monitors
Large selection of IEMS are available Shure PSM 1000 , PSM 900 and PSM 300. Sennheiser EW 300 G4 

Mic /  Boom Stands 

All sizes of Mic stands required by the band are available with us

Multi box / press box 

Mult box and press box rentals for press conferences and media events.

Audio Snakes 

Snake cable is a group of various audio cables that are housed within one common outer casing.Snake make it easier to manage when it comes to larger setups with lots of different channels.
Whirlwind 8×4, audio snake 100′

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